Welcome to Technology and Transformation LLC,  the international             consulting agency based in New York City. Our area of expertise is

            Transcendental Meditation (TM)


         the Unified  Field Technology (IDT)

We  specialize  in  the  implementation  of  the Unified   Field  Technology known as Transcendental Meditation -the TM technique for individuals, as well as in public and private  sector.  The  method  has  been  extensively  covered  on national news networks (CNN, CNBC, NBC) and implemented by a number of global corporations including Fortune 100 companies.  Click here learn more about Transcendental Meditation & the Unified Field Technology, which the American Heart Association selected to be the best.

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          We invite you to explore our outstanding  scientific  research,  and  our  extensive  news coverage . Check out  Bridgewater's Ray Dalio recent  remarks  and the interview on TM - the  secret behind his life success. Read  our CEO's message to heads of  state & learn more about transformation in Mozambique 1992-2000.

The American Statistical Association

The Unified Field Technology  & Transcendental Meditation(IDT) has  been  implemented  by heads

of state in Latin America&Africa.

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The Unified Field Technology

known  as  Transcendental  Meditation

&  TM technique, is over  4,000  years'

old   technology  of  the   human  brain mechanics,  and   its   interaction  with       the Unified Field which has been there



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